Profiles In Professionalism

This page is dedicated to a few of the outstanding individuals who have served as United States as Administrative Law Judges.  In selecting their biographies, we attempted to find a common denominator.  All these judges had extensive service to federal and state government, serving in a variety of progressively responsible positions cumulating in their appointment as Administrative Law Judges.  Some headed federal or state agencies.  Others served in prior judicial positions on state courts or courts of appeals.  Many worked in the office of general counsel of federal agencies or as attorneys in the United States Department of Justice.  Others left service as administrative law judges to serve as Article III judges or on state Supreme Courts.    

Every judge acquired a classical education in law, and many supplemented their professional training with expertise in other subjects.  They attended Oxford University, Yale, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and almost a complete list of all the fine colleges and law schools in the United States.  Many also had a military background and completed courses at the United States Army Command and General Staff College, The National War College, and other senior military and federal executive training institutions.  The undergraduate majors included classic literature and chemical engineering - completing the diversity of the judges who are Administrative Law Judges.  They are interesting people evidencing a service to their fellow man in preserving nature, creative political involvement, and the arts and sciences.

These Judges started their legal careers under the mentorship of experienced lawyers and jurists.  Some clerked for justices of the US Supreme Court, US Courts of Appeals and the US District Courts.  Many started their careers in the Department of Justice - litigating cases for the federal government before the judges of the United States. Almost all had strong experience in private practice or corporate law before adding a judicial component to their resume.  They were strong litigators who represented clients before the US Supreme Court and courts of appeals.  

Another shared characteristic is a dedication to serving.  They all contributed to establishing judicial independence of the administrative judiciary, speaking publically, testifying before Congress, assisting in litigation to define administrative adjudication, forming the AALJ, and many became the most acknowledged expert of their time on Administrative Law Judges and administrative adjudication.

This page is a continuing project.  New biographies will be added, but these individuals stand as exemplary persons reflecting the skill and experience of all Administrative Law Judges serving the United States:

Shirl Hyde Blalock

The "First" Administrative Law Judge


Judge Ronald G. Bernoski

Expert in Administrative Adjudication and First President of the AALJ Union


Judge Mel Cleveland

An extraordinary Leader - Expert on Administrative Law