ALJ Badge - Judges Only

Order an Impressive Credential Commemorating Your Service

It was mentioned earlier in a AALJ Newsletter that we have obtained a special price for any judge who wishes to buy a Judge's identification badge. At the recent reception we hosted during the July 2013 training, 75% of the judges who responded to our survey indicated they would like to purchase a badge. These are quite attractive and can serve as an aid to gaining access to courtrooms and for other official purposes, and as a lasting memento to your Federal service, regardless of whether you transfer to another agency. Not only useful and practical, they also are perfect gifts for "the Judge who has everything." A photo of one will be posted on our website soon. Note, we are not making any money on this item; this is solely a service to our Judges. For members, the price is $45, for non-members,the price is $65. We have two leather badge/ID holders from which to choose, the large is $25 and the small is $20. Maryland sales tax (if a Maryland resident) and shipping applies. The total cost for the badge and small wallet is $74.50 for members who are not Md residents. Please contact Judge William Ramsey, Membership Relations Chair, at for more specifics and for the order form that authorizes the purchase.