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July 2011: AALJ Testimony: Role of the ALJ at SSA – 7/25/11

November 2010: AALJ Testimony: Disability Backlog – 11/15/10

August 2010: ALJ Security – National Press Club event, 8/27/10

April 2010: AALJ testifies before Congress on the disability backlog.

October 2009. The Buffalo NewsTake it from the judges: Disability cases too drawn out

September 2009: GAO Report on the Hearing Backlog

June 15, 2009. Government Executive
ALJ Pension Reform and Enhanced Annual Leave:

Bills would boost leave and retirement benefits for administrative judges

May 28, 2009: AALJ Roundtable – Due Process and the Adjudication of Disability Claims

Government Executive:
Recession is exacerbating Social Security claims backlog, panelists say

Event Video (Added: 7/19/09)

May 4, 2009. Media Coverage of SSA Backlog and Finance Issues

January 1, 2009 to April 24, 2009: List with Links [PDF]

April 17, 2009. The Washington Post: Federal Diary - SSA and AALJ

"Speaking of unions and the Social Security Administration, the Association of Administrative Law Judges is celebrating a victory over the agency that allows the union to represent judges who hear cases involving disability benefits. An arbitrator, Michael A. Murphy, ordered SSA Commissioner Michael J. Astrue to 'cease and desist from refusing to recognize the union' and 'from displaying anti-union animus.'"

The full article is available here.

April 2009. SSA OIG Report: Work Activity Overpayments

"Our current review estimates that approximately $3.1 billion in overpayments existed because of disabled beneficiaries’ work activity. Although SSA identified about 58 percent of these overpayments, we estimate the remaining 42 percent—approximately $1.3 billion—went undetected by the Agency. In addition, we estimate SSA will continue to incorrectly pay about $382 million over the next 12 months to disabled beneficiaries no longer entitled to benefits if the Agency does not act.

We recognize SSA’s efforts to improve the work-related CDR process. In addition, we acknowledge the Agency’s limited resources with which to perform this workload. However, we believe SSA may achieve greater savings in the long-term if it could provide the resources to perform more work-related CDRs."

The full OIG Report is available here.

March 24, 2009. AALJ Testifies at House Hearing on Disability Backlog

AALJ President Ronald Bernoski testified on March 24, 2009, at a House Ways and Means subcommittee hearing on "Eliminating the Disability Backlog."

The AALJ submitted testimony, plus submitted statements by other witnesses and details about the hearing, are available here.