AALJ was founded as a professional association in 1971 and since its inception has enjoyed a robust membership. In 1999, AALJ chose to affiliate with the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO, joining other federal judges and professional employees in order to advocate for our agencies and our members.

Today, more than 80 percent of Social Security Administration (SSA) judges are active members of AALJ. There are also a number of ìassociate membersî who serve as management administrative law judges.

A shared commitment to the highest quality of professionalism in the administrative justice system is the common bond of our members. Our judges view the preservation of fairness in the hearing process for disability claimants as their primary mission.

Throughout its history, AALJ has consistently extended its advice and expertise to SSA on reforms and improvement plans to better serve the American public. AALJ works closely, as a partner, with SSA to implement innovative technologies that will improve the hearings process and assist judges as we move into the electronic hearing era.

AALJ is the judgesí voice before Congress, providing testimony and expertise to improve the administrative judicial system.

AALJ serves as a professional resource for members by providing timely updates on issues impacting the administrative judicial process, offering continuing education opportunities and facilitating collaboration amongst judges throughout the country.

AALJ annually awards scholarships to deserving law school students.