How to Activate Your User Account for

Please follow these instructions:

  • Old usernames and old passwords are obsolete.  The old AXXXX password no longer works.
  • Usernames are the first initial of your first name followed by your last name. (Example Paul Richards username would be prichards)
  • To obtain a password (necessary to log into the password protected area) click on the following link:  and request a new password.  You need to know your username or your email provided to AALJ.

  • Enter either your email address (that you provided AALJ - do not use your office email), or enter your username in the appropriate blank.  
  • An email will be sent to your email that you provided AALJ, to allow you to create a new password.  If you do not have your email provided to AALJ, you will need to obtain it. 
  • Remember, this is the private email you provided AALJ for communication with you.  Do not use SSA email addresses.  There are no SSA emails in the AALJ data base.  All emails are private emails provided by members for AALJ communication purposes.   AALJ does not use government emails for internal union business.
  • Do not change your email to your SSA official email.  If emails are monitored, your password will be available to SSA, and someone may be able to access the AALJ site without permission. 
  • If you positively do not know the email you provided AALJ, information on old emails will be provided as soon as possible after request.  Please try your own resources before requesting a search by AALJ. Request further information at
  • Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If lower case doesn't work when trying to find your username, try uppercase first initial and first letter of last name.
  • If you try the above procedure and it does not work, it probably means you are not listed on the AALJ member list with an active email.  You will need to provide an email and contact information (home address, home or cell telephones, personal email, ALJ number and current office assignment) so your member account can be populated.
  • If you do not have an account, please email the above information to with a subject matter of Request for New Account.  Use your personal email for sending.  Do not send from SSA.  Please do not use the automated account request in the homepage.  This is receiving over 100 requests per day, and it will delay processing your information.

When you log in you will see that there is a NEW forum for members. The old posting page is available in the archive section once you are on the new forum page.  

If you have questions email